Book Distribution Worldwide

Through a handful of strategic global partnerships: Just about anyone, anywhere in the world who sells books—and effective distribution tech, Ingram is well poised to get publishers’ books where they need to be with speed, efficiency, and confidence.

From where we’re standing, the world is in reach. This means plenty of options for publishers ready to take the next easy step toward a more lucrative global distribution strategy. So take a look at book distribution from Ingram’s vantage point. We guarantee you’ll enjoy the view.

Third Party Logistics

With millions of square footage in warehousing space and facilities all across the globe we get your books where they need to be, when they need to be there, in pristine condition. Whether you’re thinking of moving lower volume titles out of your warehouse, shipping to specific markets, outsourcing your entire supply chain, or making a complete shift to virtual inventories we’re ready to help.

This service is customizable to meet the needs of any publisher wanting to maintain sales, marketing goals, and account integrity. Respond quickly to the changing landscape of content distribution with Ingram.

What You Get:

  • Access to an extensive network of book distribution centers nationwide
  • Unparalleled market reach to 39,000+ accounts
  • Global manufacture-on-demand distributed print solution
  • Optional best in class Digital Asset Management and Digital Asset Distribution solution
  • Optional ebook distribution solution to 100+ e-retailers
  • Dedicated integration team and account manager

Global Distribution and Printing Services

Reach readers around the globe with Ingram’s worldwide print and distribution program, Global Connect. In addition to our Lightning Source® print-on-demand facilities in the United States, United Kingdom and Australia, Ingram also partners with suppliers globally so you can sell your books worldwide without the administrative hassles of signing contracts with local printers, reformatting files or paying for shipping costs or import taxes.

How it Works:

  1. Sign up for our Global Connect program
  2. Upload your titles
  3. Set you compensation terms-no need to worry about market pricing
  4. Your books are now available for purchase around the world

Global Distribution and Printing Services

Wholesale Book Distribution

Making certain you get the right books to your customers right when they need them is your number one priority.

Sure, we have a lot of books, more than 14 million titles. We are the world’s largest wholesale book distributor. But having a huge selection wouldn’t mean a thing if we didn’t go to great lengths to make sure your products get where they need to be on time and intact.

  • Trusted by 39,000+ retailers, libraries, distributors, and educational institutions worldwide
  • Print-on-demand technology
  • Fast direct shipping and reliable global delivery
  • Always the right books
  • Always on time
  • Never miss a sale

Ebook Distribution and Digital Asset Management

Digital publishing doesn’t need to cause you headaches. It can actually be quite simple and enjoyable with the right tool.

CoreSource is Ingram's all-in-one platform that combines digital file management with global distribution to ensure that your e-books reach their full potential and you can maximize sales.

Over 39,000 retailers, libraries, and indie stores are waiting, along with their eager tech-forward customers.

Ebook Distribution and Digital Asset Management

Full-Service Distribution

Want to dedicate 100% of your time towards creating the best selection of books on the planet? With an ever-expanding network of partners—domestic and around the globe—Ingram Publisher Services gives you everything you need to optimize your publishing operations, from printing to worldwide distribution. Closer to you. Closer to your customers.

Indie Publishing Made Easy

The same services and tools enjoyed big house publishers, built for the independent publisher. Make the most of your masterpiece with IngramSpark.

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From authors to publishers, retailers to libraries, manufacturers to printers—if books are your passion, Ingram helps you keep the whole world reading.