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The best way to get the job done right—ordering the right books and keeping circulation flying high—is to have all the best resources at your disposal. At Ingram those resources come in a wide variety of forms, from smart people with years of library experience under their belts to innovative services that help you reduce waste.

All of our library products are customizable so you can get the most out of our services and best meet your specific needs.

Library Material


Always have the most relevant and in-demand books, videos, games, and information your community is looking for. The depth and breadth of our inventory is unparalleled.

Get what you need.


Collection Development


Keeping up with new trends in genres and up-and-coming authors is hard enough. Rely on the 350+ years of cumulative experience our team of library experts brings to the table to help manage your curation list and other important collection development programs

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Collection Development


Ordering and Management Tools


Finding the right titles and getting them to your doorstep with added speed is simple with our easy-to-use and effective suite of order and title management tools—iPage, EDI ordering, Edelweiss Analytics—some of the best in the business.

Find and keep track of what you need.


Shelf Ready Material


Trends in formats, genres, and authors happen quickly. You need a partner that is plugged into the heartbeat of everything book who can also get you what you need quick. We are uniquely positioned to support the libraries of today and the future.

  • Huge selection
  • Quick speeds
  • Total digital integration
  • All our expertly managed programs and services

Spend less time on backroom tasks—cataloging and processing—and more time finding better ways to engage your community. Hundreds of options and customizations to perfectly match your library's requirements.

Delivery of what you need.


Shelf Ready Material




Did we mention we are library services experts?

Take advantage of local sales representatives, inside sales representatives, and specialists in every area, readily available to answer any questions you may have and share smarter ways to get more out of your shelf space.

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Edelweiss Analytics
Collection Management Made Easy


Compare real-time data from libraries and retailers to what’s on your shelves to get a better picture of what people want to read

  • See what other libraries have on-hand
  • Get information on titles not yet available
  • Pre-publication digital galleys delivered to you upon request
  • Go from searching to ordering in the click of a button with ipage®
  • Tons of actionable data to guide your decision making

Start choosing the perfect books today. Your patrons will thank you.

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Edelweiss Analytics
Collection Management Made Easy


Stability & Security


Family-owned for over 50 years and recognized as a leader in library services across the globe. Ingram is reliable, focused, dedicated, and well positioned to help lead your library today and into the future with a solution for every aspect of your business.


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