Digital Textbooks for Evolved Learning

Most students and faculty engaged in higher education expect learning and teaching experiences that coincide with their lives outside of the classroom. Course materials should be intuitive and highly mobile so learning is never far from reach, whether on a device or a laptop. For those campuses ready to make the move to digital learning Ingram has the tools, expertise, and technology to help your institution move forward.

Creating an educational experience that works to apply the same tools students use in their daily lives may sound like a huge undertaking, and some times it can be. But with an experienced partner on your side consistently pushing the forefront of new educational technology, adopting an e-textbook and digital learning strategy becomes much less daunting.

Custom Digital Solutions

There is an e-textbook and digital learning solution for every campus. Via VitalSource, Ingram’s suite of digital learning and e-textbook applications, we can create a campus-wide solution that saves you costs, offers students and faculty smarter tools, and encourages a more efficient learning system.

The preferred choice among higher education institutions, faculty, students, and publishers.

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