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Become the center of their textbook universe year-round.
Cutting-edge sales technology and reliable services make you every student’s first choice for purchases.


Give students and faculty easier access to the digital textbooks and learning resources they need with customizable solutions to help guide you through an exciting new era in education.


Over the years, some textbooks have changed vastly, some have not. One constant you can always count on is that Ingram will have the textbooks you need for almost any curriculum you can imagine. Our huge inventory covers any subject matter, for all levels of education—K-12 and higher education.

  • Find the right text for your varied curriculum
  • Improve revenues with new textbooks
  • Give students more affordable textbook options

An easy solution to meet your textbook needs is as simple as a few clicks of your mouse.

Digital Learning

Today’s educators and students are demanding enhanced learning experiences that are in line with their lives outside the classroom. Ingram helps you meet that demand with a suite of applications that allow users to read and interact with textbooks and digital learning resources anytime, anywhere.

  • Download digital textbooks
  • Digital enhanced content 
  • Searchable content
  • Notes and sharing

Ingram helps you find application for today’s technology in today’s classroom.

Ordering Tools

Educators, administrators, instructors, bookstores, anyone who would like to spend less time finding and ordering the textbooks and learning materials students need, can do so with one simple-to-use platform. Ingram ipage® connects you directly to a huge selection of textbooks so you only need go one place to manage all your textbook orders.

  • Search
  • Discover
  • Order
  • Track

Ingram’s huge selection of textbooks and more, all in one place, saving you time and effort.

Beyond Textbooks

While your customer’s main priority might be snatching up that last textbook for their Kinesiology class, they may also be looking for sweater for mom or a plush toy for little Susie. We can help with that.

  • Magazines
  • Clothing
  • Gifts & games
  • And more!

With smart e-commerce tools and a large inventory of specialty items we help bookstores optimize their revenue stream.

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